Video: Buddhists Come Out To Support President Trump In His Battle Against The Rigged Elections At The “March For Trump” – No Media Coverage

Thousands of President Trump’s most fervent supporters were out in Washington, D.C., on Saturday for a day of rallying that echoed the allegations that the presidential election was marked by fraud.

But violent clashes between supporters of President Donald Trump and counter-protesters erupted in the streets of downtown Washington, D.C., Saturday night after thousands of the president’s supporters rallied earlier in the day to protest election results they say are fraudulent.

A rally and a march to insist that Trump rightfully won a second term were planned for the day. The events went by several names, including the Million MAGA March, the March for Trump, and Stop the Steal DC.

By late Saturday morning, hundreds had assembled in Freedom Plaza near the White House.

The demonstrations unfolded peacefully for most of the day, but counterprotesters clashed with the president’s supporters and violence erupted as night fell. Counterprotesters were seen overturning tables of vendors selling Trump merchandise, as well as stealing Trump hats and flags and setting them on fire.


President Trump lashed out against “ANTIFA SCUM” and the media Saturday night as violence continued in Washington, D.C., where pro-Trump supporters gathered for the “Million MAGA March.”

In a series of Twitter messages before midnight ET, the president also blasted counter-protesters as “Human Radical Left garbage,” retweeting a video that showed a man being sucker-punched and kicked on a Washington street earlier in the day.

Trump also accused the “Silent Media” of ignoring the Washington clashes, retweeting a message from Republican U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York, who alleged a “total media blackout” as leftists launched “abhorrent” assaults against Trump supporters.

The mainstream media didn’t even mention the attacks from Antifa or label them as a far-left organization, that took radical measures against Trump’s supporters.

A magical moment that shows a Buddhist monk and a group of his Buddhist followers behind him was also ignored by the mainstream media.

Video below:

Buddhists are anti-violence, so supporting Trump is definitely more logical than BLM or Antifa.

So the Amish and now Buddhists siding with Trump. And people say Trump supporters are the issue, while the other side loot, burn, and physically harm individuals.
Think again!
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