Video: Carjacker Picked The Wrong Amazon Delivery Truck To Rob

In a dramatic turn of events on a busy New York City street, a male Amazon delivery driver intervened heroically to save his female colleague from an attacker. The courageous act was captured on video and reported by the New York Post, illustrating a moment of bravery and quick thinking amidst urban chaos.

The incident unfolded last weekend, as the female Amazon driver found herself under attack while stuck in traffic. The assailant, dressed entirely in black, allegedly struck the woman multiple times before forcibly pulling her from her delivery van. The sudden and violent assault left the driver helpless and vulnerable in the middle of the bustling city.

Witnessing the attack, her male co-worker wasted no time in rushing to her aid. Demonstrating remarkable bravery, he confronted the assailant head-on, engaging in a physical confrontation to protect his colleague. The footage obtained by the New York Post shows the male driver overpowering the attacker, who struggled in vain to defend himself against the relentless defense.

The woman then decides to intervene to separate the two individuals.

Video below:


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