Video: Child Was Nearly Hit With Incendiary Device During A Violent Antifa Attack On Children’s Facility – No Media Coverage

We’re beginning to see what was really going on with all those closed-down businesses.

Corona Virus is just an excuse; we went through this same hysteria with the Swine Flu epidemic of 1976 and again with the TEOTWAWKI of Y2K. And Avian Flu, and SARS and a dozen other crises.

Yes, follow commonsense practices for hygiene, take care of yourself. Seek medical help if necessary. Do NOT surrender to fear.
Fear is our biggest enemy.

A violent Antifa protest was held nearly ten days ago in the midst of the COVID pandemic and almost no one heard about it because the mainstream media was too busy attacking the anti-lockdown protesters.

The Post Millennial reported:


Antifa and far left-wing protesters attacked a facility of a nonprofit organization that houses migrants and unaccompanied minors during a staged May Day demonstration in Chicago. During which a child of a protester is nearly seriously injured by an incendiary device thrown by far-left radical group Antifa.

The facility, located in Roger’s Park, is run by Heartland Alliance, which describes itself as “one of the world’s leading anti-poverty organizations focused on ending poverty through housing, healthcare, jobs and justice.”

In a statement, Heartland Alliance condemned the protesters and said the children in the shelter were terrorized by the smoke bombs and vandalization of the building.

One of the incendiary devices, possibly a flare, landed on a sidewalk directly next to a small child sitting in what appeared to be a toy box. The child’s mother, who was participating in the protest, merely pulled the box (child inside) a few inches away and continued protesting.

Video below:

Antifa whom the Democrats support I wonder how much violence and damage will they do this time.

We don’t see violence with the protesters on the right.

However, we do see constant attacks from the mainstream media for the anti-lockdown protesters.

A tweet of the incident by conservative American journalist Andy Ngo and one article commenting on that tweet by The Post Millennial, a conservative Canadian news outlet (of which Ngo is an editor-at-large) were the only coverage of the violent event that appeared in a Google search with the keywords “Antifa May Day demonstration Chicago.”

In contrast, anti-lockdown protests, which have falsely been billed by the mainstream media as being fueled by right-wing white supremacists, have received extensive media coverage.

Natalie D.

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