Video: Chile Entered An All-Female Team At The UAE SWAT Challenge … It Ended Exactly As You Expected

Here’s how the mainstream media got all excited about the trailblazing all woman Chile SWAT team:

The leader of an all-female special forces team, striving to make the streets of South America safer, has told how the critical fight against crime knows no gender.

The elite Chilean squad, who are going for glory in the fifth annual UAE Swat Challenge, lifted the lid on dramatic police chases, the aftermath of emergency incidents and coming to terms with tragedy as they put their lives on the line on a daily basis.

Erika Acuna, who has served with the police for 23 years, is proudly leading the Chilean charge at the global competition featuring 87 teams showcasing their skills in a series of high-octane challenges.

“Our team of eight female members was chosen from among those working in rapid intervention teams or police squads,” she said.


“We’re here to achieve good results, driven by our training and the unity within our ranks.

“Both men and women in tactical teams confront the same demanding situations, with the most daunting challenge being the fear of losing a fellow officer,” she said.

Capt Acuna, said she has encountered numerous situations which have tested her resolve.

“Perhaps the most daunting incident was a massive explosion in Santiago, which virtually paralysed the entire country,” she said.

However, when they went to the competition they painted totally different picture and the hilarious outcome can be seen in the video below:

There were such high hopes.

… the Chilean PDI was a pioneer in promoting women’s participation in the UAE SWAT Challenge. They introduced their first female participant in 2020 within the Chilean men’s team, paving the way for a more substantial involvement in subsequent years and forming the current all-women’s team.

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