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Video: Ventura County Health Department – We Will Be Moving People (From Their Homes Where Isolation Is Impossible)

Health experts say contact tracing is key to reopening California.

California is ramping up a program to identify people who are potentially exposed to the novel coronavirus but are unaware of it.

On Wednesday, 3,000 employees of the California Department of Public Health began their training as disease detectives.

They are learning how to backtrack the steps of a newly infected person and reach out to everyone that person potentially exposed. From close contacts such as roommates, to huge crowds if the infected person happened to join the throngs at the beach.

Ventura County will also implement these so-called disease detectives, county officials said Monday that some retailers could reopen for curbside pickup as early as Friday when certain coronavirus restrictions ease.


In an afternoon update streamed online, County Executive Officer Mike Powers outlined plans that echoed statements made earlier in the afternoon by Gov. Gavin Newsom about entering so-called Phase 2 of pandemic restrictions. County officials also provided an update on the latest number of confirmed cases here.

But the county’s health department found itself in hot water today after a controversial statement that became viral.

This morning on Twitter the hashtag #ConspiracyTheory was trending and one video was the star of the show.

Video below:

The video started a huge Twitter war and one side approved the decision and other which was louder said that this is a how democracy falls and this is an attack of our basic human rights.

Another Twitter user posted what appears to be a county’s official response to the so-called conspiracy theory!

Ashley Bautista from Ventura is saying health officer misspoke, but of course he DOES have the authority to force removals if he wants
“So people were feeling like Dr. Levin was saying that the county is going to rip people out of their houses, and that’s just not the case,” she said.

Bautista explained that people who test positive for COVID-19 “are given guidance, and if they can’t safely isolate, and they want a safe place to stay to protect their family, we have alternative options.”

No one has been forced to isolate, she said.

“But, of course, legally speaking, a public health officer has the authority to do that.”

Bautista said Levin “has not done that, nor does he recommend doing that.”

“It’s completely optional.”
Conspiracy theory is a CIA term used to attack the original genuine critics of the JFK Warren Commission. In the years since it has been to the advantage of anyone wishing to promote a lie but also to kill the free speech with it.

How many so-called conspiracy theories became reality?

What do you think?

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