Video: Female Australian Soldier And US Marine Go Toe to Toe – It Ends Up with a Surprising Winner

This morning a viral video was sent to our team an in it a female Australian soldier went toe to toe with a U.S. Marine and lift up 15 kg and surprisingly she won the contest of endurance:

She definitely had better technique!

She is holding it straight up with a balanced stance whole upper body. His stance sucks. It’s really impressive he hold it like that for more than 5 minutes. Her stance made weight distributed over bones.

40 years ago that would have been the fattest US Marine, but lately with the recruiting numbers dropping the US Army decided to lower their demands and we have a situation where anyone can enter the U.S. Army.

The Army finished 2023 with 55,000 new recruits, significantly short of the 65,000 it had aimed for in the fiscal year that ended on Saturday. And not all of them are in uniform quite yet: About 4,600 went into the service’s delayed entry pool, held in reserve for what’s expected to be another tough recruiting year in 2024.


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