Video: First China Put ‘The World In ICU’ By Unleashing The Wuhan Virus & Now It Is Selling Them VENTILATORS!

Chinese manufacturers of medical masks are cashing in on the coronavirus pandemic that started in their country.

They are seeing profits spike as the global demand for masks and other medical equipment has reached a fever pitch.

Nearly a fifth of mask manufacturers in the country only jumped into the business after January, the Financial Times reported, citing official data.

“A mask machine is a real cash printer,” Shi Xinghui, a sales manager of an N95 mask manufacturer in China, told Agence France-Presse.

“The profit of a mask now is at least several cents compared to less than one in the past,” Xinghui added. “Printing 60,000 or 70,000 masks a day is equivalent to printing money.


But also the ventilator’s business is booming and you can hear more about it in the report below.

A brilliant and in-depth report by WION News explains how China’s factories are reopening & profiting!

Video below:

This is happening because the world sold its soul to China for a profit, everything is made over there now. We are getting what we deserve. No one to blame but us. President Trump came to power too late to prevent China’s dominance.

But we are America and we will prevail!

Lou Dobs also had an excellent report labeled “Red Storm Rising”

Video below:

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