Video: Hillary Clinton Visits North Ireland And Is Given A “Proper” Northern Welcome By Locals

Hillary Clinton has been installed as chancellor of Queen’s University in Belfast just a day after picking up another honorary title at Oxford University.

The former US secretary of state, 73, who is the first woman appointed as chancellor of the Belfast academic institution, attended an installation ceremony in the Northern Irish city on Friday morning.

She became the 11th Chancellor of Queen’s University in a ceremony at Whitla Hall on Friday at the end of the first week of the academic year.

But while the mainstream media and the university welcomed her, the Irish people decided to give her a proper northern welcome!

Video below:


In an address at Whitla Hall, Clinton said that it was an “easy” decision to accept the role of Chancellor at the university.

“I’ve always enjoyed being on university campuses, talking with students and faculty, and learning about their experiences and perspectives, but Queen’s is special,” she said on Friday morning.

The former Secretary of State described Queen’s as a “university with global reach and local impact” and added that it was a first-class research institution.

She said that she was excited to learn more about the university’s history and hopes that she can help tell its “exciting story”.

Clinton also pointed to the recent history of Northern Ireland as a reason for accepting the role.

“Northern Ireland has become a symbol of democracy’s power to transcend divisions and deliver peace. We need that beacon of hope now more than ever.

“Institutions like Queen’s help build a bellwork against authoritarianism, sectarianism, and divisiveness.”

Appointed as Chancellor for a five-year term in January 2020, Clinton’s duties will be largely ceremonial. The 2016 Democratic US Presidential nominee will preside over graduation ceremonies, serve as an ambassador for the university, and offer advice and counsel to senior management at the university as part of her duties as Chancellor.

Kathy Sullivan

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