Video: Hunter Biden Allegedly Went to Beijing, Secretly Met with CCP Spy And Asked For Mansion And “Hot” Girls

Gnews.org reports that Hunter Biden engaged in illicit actions in Beijing with the CCP.  Reporters in Asia discussed recent attacks on Rudy Giuliani and Hunter Biden’s actions in Beijing.

When Hunter Biden went with Joe for the first time [to Beijing] guess who they met with? He met with Che Feng in Pangu Hotel. Che Feng went to meet with Hunter with the assigned task which was to befriend Hunter. To Che’s total surprise, the first word Hunter said when he sat down was, “I am so poor. How can I get the money? I need money. I wanted a house but it costs 100-200 million dollars.”

Something like this. Hunter also told Che that he was interested in hot girls and asked if Che could introduce some to him. In the end, just that cost over 1 million RMB (150,000USD Equivalent). Che Feng later recalled that he was very surprised by how easy it was to compromise Hunter.

Video below:

Hunter Biden is the type of situation that the FISA court was created for. Bet getting a warrant to surveillance was never even considered by the FBI. Wonder how many have been taken out on President Trump and his people this time?


In regards to Rudy, the reporters shared that the accusations against Rudy Giuliani were not true. Giuliani acted appropriately in front of a so-called 15-year-old girl, not inappropriately. [We now know that the attack on Rudy by the left after Rudy was involved in the release of Hunter Biden’s emails was bogus. The girl he was with was in her 20’s and Rudy was tucking his shirt in, nothing more.] The reporters claimed, “They are trying so hard to smear Mr. Giuliani.”

Alex Hall

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