Video: LeBron’s Reaction After Woman Says, “How does it feel to be a p*ssy a** b*tch” Straight To His Face

Billionaire athlete LeBron James on Wednesday threatened the Columbus police officer who shot 15-year-old knife-wielding Ma’Kiyah Bryant.

LeBron James posted a photo of the police officer and said, “YOU’RE NEXT” with an hourglass sand clock emoji.

This is extremely dangerous and puts the officer’s life in jeopardy as LeBron has nearly 50 million Twitter followers.

Lebron James then deleted his tweet. Here’s a screenshot:

In a series of tweets, James explained why he deleted the post.


Body camera footage released by the Columbus Division of Police showed the officer, identified Wednesday as Reardon, getting out of his car, and saving one girl’s life while shooting Bryant.

However, an older clip including James has now resurfaced and it slowly becoming viral probably because of Lebron’s latest blunder.

In the video, there is a woman who is saying “How does it feel to be a p*ssy a** b*tch” straight to LeBron’s face.

When the security guard in the area screamed, “HEY, WATCH YOUR MOUTH WOMAN,” then followed that up with “If I remember your face next time, you better hope…” before mumbling the rest, the girl just offered up the ubiquitous retort, “I can’t hear you, sorry.”

Video below:

LeBron’s reaction and his facial expression is priceless:

The video was taken after game 3 of the 2015 NBA Finals.

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