Video: Man Loads His Shopping Cart With Beer And Walks Out Of Grocery Store Without Paying – Staff Is Powerless To Stop Him Because Of The Company “Woke” Policies

On Tuesday, a video posted to Twitter showed a man walking out of a Seattle grocery store with cases of beer and not paying for them while a staff member lamented the store’s inability to do anything.

“1, 2, 3… so like a hundred bucks just going to walk out the door”- the videographer said.

“We can’t do anything about it, which is ludicrous. Well, he’s going to try to walk out the door. Yeah. For some reason, this company doesn’t care. And this guy doesn’t care. He doesn’t even have the dignity to hit other stores. He just comes back, hits us.”

He said: “Look at this guy, look at him. Walking out, walking out. Yeah, there he goes. There he goes.”

Video below:


The staff is powerless when their companies go “woke”

The video was taken at QFC Grocery store and this is their current pinned Tweet:

The company has a policy that prevents workers from interfering.

According to inside sources in the company, their woke training prevents them from acting in cases like this. And that they should be especially careful how they treat minnorities.

Last year Seattle’s criminal code was changed to excuse misdemeanor crimes if the offense can be linked to poverty, mental health, and addiction.

The idea, referred to as the poverty defense, has not been written – but would allow for people accused of crimes including theft, trespassing, and assault to be found not liable for their alleged crimes.

But the criminal is on a rise since then!

Here’s another example in Connecticut:

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