Video: Man Punches A Senior Citizen While He’s Having Lunch And Steals His Wallet And Phone – Good Samaritan Steps In And Serves The Attacker Instant Justice

We have received many questions from seniors about when they can lawfully use deadly force to defend themselves against younger, stronger people. Again, a firearm can be a great equalizer in a disparity of force situation.

California’s gun laws make it extremely difficult for senior citizens to get this protection!

Many of them are unarmed and vulnerable as a result of those laws!

The video that we have from California today shows that mentally fit elderlies need to be armed especially if they live in crime ravaged state such as California.

In the video that was taken in a Hollywood cafe, a senior citizen is having lunch alone when a young male attacks him and takes away his money and phone.

The second amendment couldn’t help him in this situation but the good Samaritan did.

Video below:

Our verdict:

It’s California. The old man was probably charged for sitting alone and allowing himself to be mugged. The good Samaritan was probably charged with assault and sentenced to 10yrs in jail. The perpetrator was ROR with the promise to come back to court in 6mo.

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