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Video: Mosque In U.S. Holds Daily Prayers Amid COVID-19 Lockdown While Christians Are Threatened and Fined Everyday

On Easter, Kentucky State Police were circling the parking lot of a church that’s packed for Easter service — defying state orders — and issuing warnings, if not citations.

Following Governors’s license plate order, which applies anyone who attends an in-person church service or any mass gathering, police will refer those motorists to local health departments, which will then order 14-day quarantines – although several attendees told The Courier Journal they have no intention of following the order.

While situations like this are happening all over the country on Christians, Muslims can hold their daily prayers in the “epicenter” of the COVID pandemic.

A Syracuse mosque is still open for daily prayers amid the Coronavirus shutdown as Christians are threatened and fined for attending drive-in services. reported:


[Irfan Elahi] used his skills to create a prayer room covered in plastic with special ventilation that allows daily prayers to continue in the 116-year-old former church, as the holy month of Ramadan nears.

The room is lined with plastic, and two machines siphon air out of the room to create negative pressure. Air in the room is recycled every four minutes. Elahi used the materials and expertise from his day job to create what he called a “clean room.”

About 10 worshippers in masks are allowed in at a time, though rarely do that many show up. They stand far apart from each other as they follow a prayer leader standing on a plastic-covered prayer rug.

Video below:

New York is the country’s Coronavirus epicenter with more than 18,000 deaths, however, this mosque is still open for prayers.

This mosque located on the north side was once the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, but it closed down due to lack of parishioners — now it is considered a victory mosque.

Earlier on Saturday President Trump retweeted reporter Paul Sperry’s tweet on Ramadan and social distancing in the Muslim community.

Paul Sperry tweeted:
Let’s see if authorities enforce the social-distancing orders for mosques during Ramadan (April 23-May 23) like they did churches during Easter.

President Trump re-tweeted this and the left had enough reasons to accuse President Trump of being Islamophobic.

One female reporter asked President Trump about his Sperry retweet at the daily coronavirus press conference.
Partial transcript:

REPORTER: I want to ask you about one of your retweets from Paul Sperry:“Let’s see if authorities enforce the social distancing orders for mosques during Ramadan like they did churches during Easter”

TRUMP:I would be interested to see that b/c they go after Christian churches but they don’t tend to go after mosques. Our politicians seem to treat different faiths very differently. I don’t know what happened with our country, but the Christian faith is treated much differently than it was, and I think it’s treated very unfairly.”

“You know I just spoke with leaders and people that love mosques,” he continued. “They love mosques! And I’m all in favor of that. But I would say that there could be a difference. And we’ll have to see what will happen. Because I have seen a great disparity in this country.
Video below:

Everyone knows for some reason, mosques are not treated the same way as churches are unfairly treated by the authorities. They come down hard on churches in ways they’d never do to a mosque. Nobody says it out loud though…nobody but Trump.

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