Video: No Mercy – Antifa Allegedly Burned A Homeless Person’s Couch

Protests in Portland against police violence and systemic racism we held for a 39th consecutive day.

Hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of people have rioted in Portland in nightly riots and demonstrations.

Police have been under legal and political pressure to take a more measured posture in responding to the protests.

That’s why the protests are not protests, they are riots.

Police twice declared a riot on Saturday, once at 4 a.m. and another later just after 11 p.m. In both cases, police said protesters launched fireworks at buildings including the Justice Center and the nearby Federal Courthouse.


And one case, in particular, was really heartbreaking!

As the investigative journalist, Andy Ngo reported out of things to burn by the Portland federal courthouse, Antifa in downtown have set a homeless person’s sofa on fire. It is engulfed in flames by the former elk statue.

Via Andy Ngo:

They probably burned down the couch to get people back:

A symbol of the pointless destruction they are now doing. The goal is gone so destruction is what remains. If there is anyone still believing ( well, the Democrats will be the exception ) that this is good for something, they need to have their brain examined.

Alex Hall

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