Video: Pack Of Blacks Unleash Their Hate And Rage On A Lone White Girl – What Is The Girl Guilty Of? She’s White

The only thing I know for certain about this video that was sent to us yesterday is that we would know all the details – and be hearing about them for months on end – if the roles were reversed.

It’s pretty apparent by the beginning of the video the victim wasn’t the intended target. Did they not ask where her friend was repeatedly? Looks like the only thing the victim did was not give up her friend.

The person who send us this video told us that the reason for the attack was based on racism and things are getting worse there.

He didn’t reveal the location but our team tries to contact him for more information!

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

Video below:

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Love the beta male in the background with the mask on who can’t break this up. Pretty on-brand for schools nowadays.

There should be an increased punishment for assaults where more than one person team up on an individual. A gang violence aspect. People who do that deserve much harsher sentencing.

The attackers should be charged with aggravated assault and possible hate crimes at the federal and state level.
If the victim had yelled “I can’t breath!”, I wonder how people would react.

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