Video: Police Responding To A Home Invasion Report Brutally Kicks The Owner’s Dog That Chased Away The Thieves

Video posted to social media shows the moment a Terre Haute police officer responding to a home invasion call brutally kicked the pooch defending its turf.

Twitter user Haley Richy posted a video of the incident saying that she and her family were at work when someone broke into their home. Her dogs managed to fend off the intruder and a neighbor called police, she said.

That’s when a responding Terre Haute police officer brutally attacked one of her dogs.

The incident was caught on Ring doorbell video.

You could even hear the dog squealing in pain.

Here is the viral video:

Here are some of the comments locals had regarding the issue:

this makes me SICK. prayers to you and your family. I hope your dog is okay, so terrifying for an innocent creature

I’m sat here with my two whom I treat like my children and happened upon this video. My heart breaks for you. I’m so sorry ‘people’ can treat animals/dogs like this. Not a single day has gone by where my two havnt made me smile or laugh, I can’t say that about a single human.

Are your dogs ok? My heart breaks for you and them Loudly crying face I have shared this on Facebook as well as contacted the police department and posted in their comments on their Facebook page. This is absolutely unacceptable!

According to local reports, the police officers were part of the Terre Haute Police Department in Indiana. Now, thousands of netizens are calling for the removal of the cop from his post.

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