Video: Reporter Asks Sleepy Joe If Trump Should Lose His “Political Rights” As Part Of His Impeachment Trial – Confused Biden Seems To Answer A Different Question

Digressions. Mix-ups. Mistakes. Joseph R. Biden Jr. has a choppy speaking style that could undermine his message at a time when he needs to stand strong for our country.

After Marine One landed at the White House at 9:39 a.m., Biden took a single question on impeachment before walking into the residence side of the White House.

When a reporter asked if former President Trump should lose his political rights, the confused Biden seems to answer a totally different question.

Biden responded: “He got an offer to come and testify. He decided not to. We’ll let the Senate work that out.”

Biden was later spotted jogging to the Oval Office.


Video below:

The Biden administration has repeatedly refused to comment on the proceedings — instead deferring to Democrats in Congress.

The trial will kick off Tuesday with several hours of debate and a vote on the question of whether it’s even constitutional to impeach a former president.

On Wednesday, the trial will move to 16 hours of arguments for each side.

Lead impeachment manager Jamie Raskin, D-Md., last week requested that Trump testify before or during the impeachment trial.

“The president will not testify in an unconstitutional proceeding,” Trump senior adviser Jason Miller told Fox News last week.

Miller, over the weekend, said Democrats “know that this has no chance of winning.”

“There’s no chance of the president actually being convicted here,” Miller said on Fox News Sunday. “This is designed to try to implement political pain, so to speak, over the course of a week, maybe a week and a half, and then they’re going to move on. They’re not even taking this seriously.”

“It’s a partisan farce,” Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said of the impeachment effort on “Fox News Sunday.” Paul added that he does not believe it’s possible Trump will be convicted.

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