Video Shows That BLM Has Nothing To Do With Skin Color As Black Man Was Attacked By BLM Protesters

A black man got out of his car in to scold Black Lives Matter protesters for blocking the roads and preventing him from going to work and feeding his kids.

Black Lives Matter protestors – many of whom are young white people – gathered again in blocking streets and ongoing traffic. A black man in a truck pulled over and chided the protestors for blocking the road.

The video was sent by one of our subscribers and he said that it was taken in Texas.
Video below:

The protesters — who moments earlier had been chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets!” — quickly parted.

Cars were still blocked, however, as a line of protesters was seen reforming and stretching across the highway.

This man is the epitome of what so many of us have been saying all along. A majority of the Black Lives Matter protestors and rioters are doing nothing but hurting the very demographic they claim to be standing up for. As this guy said, he has a job to go to, kids to take care of and bills to pay. People can’t just quit their jobs in order to protest and riot indefinitely.

Blocking traffic, setting buildings on fire, and looting businesses don’t build up the black community. If anything, it harms the very people this movement is supposed to be about. African Americans have jobs at businesses that have been burned to the ground and looted. Black people live in some of the buildings that were destroyed.

Alex Hall

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