Video Shows Why We Should Always Carry – The Entire Hood Came Out To Beat The Landlord Who Came To Collect The Rent, They Stole His Car Too

In a video that was sent to us this morning, we can see a man getting attacked by the entire hood. The victim was allegedly a landlord who was trying to collect his rent money.

Video below:

We didn’t get more information for the video but from the plates, we can tell that this happened in Michigan!

This is probably a group of bikers and ATV riders. They take over whatever street or highway they are on and if someone tries to get past or does not obey whatever commands they give them they attack their car/person. It’s been going on for years. It’s mainly in NYC but also all over the country.

Last year, New York City imposed tougher fines and penalties for people who illegally ride ATVs and dirt bikes on the street.

In Pennsylvania, the chamber passed Senate Bill 1183, which would allow certain boroughs and cities to dispose of the off-road vehicles, including selling them or destroying them.

However, the real problem here is that if the attack was reversed this would have been major news all around the country!

And let’s not forget that the second amendment helps in these situations warning shot or something else could have saved this man from getting his face destroyed!
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