Video: Did You Catch The NYPD Dance Team? Because They Sure Aren’t About To Catch You Or The Illegals That Are Roaming In Their City

The New York City Police Department is facing opposition over its extracurricular dance crew, with critics demanding officers focus more on combatting crime and less on their dance moves.

Founded in 2022, the team was intended to serve as a place for officers to unwind after their shifts. The dancers practice two to three times a week, performing at city schools, galas and other events.

President Autumn-Rain Martinez described dance rehearsal as ‘a place to release mental stress’ during a recent appearance on PIX 11.

Video below:

(You know what, maybe defunding the police wasn’t such a bad idea after all…)

Okay, I know why you’re here, I could make jokes all day but, fortunately, X already did that.


The team’s very public promotion comes as New Yorkers voice concerns about rising crime and strained resources amid the ongoing migrant crisis.

The dance troop’s recent appearance on local media comes as highly-publicized instances of migrant crime have drawn attention and theft continues to rage.

In one of the most viral incidents of the past month, three NYPD officers were pummeled by a group of migrant men in Times Square and left with minor injuries.

Five of the asylum seekers charged with assault were previously allowed free without bail by a Manhattan judge.

In total, eight people have now been charged in connection to the incident.

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