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Video: The “Rockefeller Foundation” $100 Billion Plan To Implant ‘Contact Tracers’ And Test Around 30 Million Americans Per Week

The Rockefeller Foundation laid out its COVID-19 Testing Action Plan as a fundamental step to reopen the country.

The plan will call for a significant ramp-up in testing, an expansion of contact tracing, a public-private testing technology accelerator, a national initiative to rapidly expand and optimize the use of lab capacity, and a testing data commons and digital platform to track COVID-19 statuses, among other things.

They want to test up to 30 million people each week which will cost up to $100 billion.

The plan also calls for up to 300,000 testers and contact tracers, and a data-sharing platform.

While the goal of the testing plan is to build a state-led national program, the foundation said funding for it likely can come from federal funds through agencies or grants.


The foundation itself is investing $15 million to help kick off the effort, which includes supporting cities that are among the first to adopt the plan’s recommendations CNBC reported.

The second part of the plan envisions a paid COVID Community Healthcare Corps of 100,000 to 300,000 people to perform the high number of texts and conduct “contact tracing,” or reaching out to individuals who have been around infected people and testing them as well.

The third part is a common data and digital platform to support the first two objectives by sharing “real-time analyses of resource allocations, disease tracing results, and patient medical records.”

“With the kind of high-precision contact tracing used in South Korea, just 2.5 to 5 million tests per day would be required. With the imprecise tracing of a country like Taiwan, 30 million tests per day would be needed — a level far beyond present capacities,” the foundation said.

About 100,000 to 300,000 people would be needed to administer tests and undertake contact tracing, and they would have to be supported by computer systems networked with regional and national viral datasets, and electronic health records from local hospital systems.

The plan also calls for a national health system to be created to track COVID-19 health statuses, and the adoption of digital apps accompanied by privacy-protected tracking software to make contact tracing more complete.

“Policy makers and the public must find the balance between privacy concerns and infection control to allow the infection status of most Americans to be accessed and validated in a few required settings and many voluntary ones,” the foundation noted. “Whenever possible, incentives should be used to nudge the voluntary use of these apps rather than require them.”

Finally, the plan’s third step would be to create a COVID-19 data commons and digital platform that would allow for real-time analyses of resource allocations, disease tracing results, and patient medical records, enabling policy makers and researchers to make the best use of available testing resources, identify potential recurrent outbreaks, and find the most promising treatments.

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“To do surveillance in America”

Welcome to 1984, everyone!
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There should never be forced tests anywhere. No government has the right to do that.

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