Video: This Girl Was Told She Looks Like Tucker Carlson, But She Doesn’t See It – Do You See the Resemblance?

A woman posted a video on TikTok addressing whether she looks like Tucker Carlson. The footage has gone viral on social media, with people drawing comparisons between her and the former Fox News anchor. Those circulating the video claim that the woman looks like a ‘teenage’ version of the prominent Conservative media personality.

The woman, who identifies as part of the Queer community, seemed unaware of who Carlson is. She went on to Google the former Fox News star. “I never imagined myself on the side of TikTok that thinks I look like Tucker Carlson, but here we are. And I gotta be honest, I know of this man, but I could not pick him out of a lineup,” she was heard saying in the clip.

“So I’m going to Google him, and we’ll see if you all are onto something or not. Oh, I spelled his name wrong. Carlson,” she said. After a brief search, she simply exclaimed, “What?” with a shocked expression on her face.

Watch the video below:

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Meanwhile, Carlson has not yet responded to the viral TikTok reel. The videos claim the two individuals look alike. However, the woman featured in the reel was surprised when she searched for the journalist on Google.

Following are some reactions from social media, where users claimed they found Carlson’s ‘doppelganger’ or a ‘lookalike.’

“This girl was told she looks like Tucker Carlson, but she doesn’t see it. Do you see the resemblance?” asked Dr. Jebra Faushay, who initially posted the TikTok reel of Carlson’s ‘doppelganger’ on X (formerly Twitter). The video gained significant attention, amassing over 500k views within three hours of being posted early on Tuesday.

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