Video: Unbelievable Stretch of Nonsensical Drunken Speech And Arm Waving From Nancy Pelosi

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she hopes to pass President Joe Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure bill and the rule for his social policy and climate change legislation on Friday.

And she finally got what she wanted!

The House approved a $1 trillion package of road and other infrastructure projects late Friday after Democrats resolved a months-long standoff between progressives and moderates, notching a victory that President Joe Biden and his party had become increasingly anxious to claim.

This video which was clipped from the press briefing that Pelosi gave yesterday was something else. But in a way, it pretty much encapsulates the chaotic incoherence of the whole effort on the Pelosi/Biden legislative agenda.
Video below:

What the heck is Pelosi saying here?

We’re not sure. The only thing we can say is that as awful as she is, she isn’t as bad as Biden. Consider how bad that is.

Explain her eyes and unintelligible sentences, and grappling for words. She may have cognitive and dementia issues to say the least. Whatever the cause her position of authority is clearly negatively affected. A person holding such a position needs to be able to think clearly. A number of things could cause it. All should be examined.

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