Video: Unexpected Contest Puts Woman Against a Transgender Opponent – Surprising Outcome

Terrified female martial artists say they’ve pulled out of recent competitions to avoid facing much stronger transgender fighters — forcing a major organization to revise its rules to ensure trans females can now only face men.

The North American Grappling Association (NAGA) said it overhauled its rules after complaints about transgender female athletes fighting in recent events.

In one of its jiu jitsu events in Georgia earlier this month, transgender grappler Corissa Griffith took home four gold medals in women’s competitions, while another, Cordelia Gregory, placed second, the feminist outlet Reduxx said.

NAGA suggested that transgender grapplers were likely competing by simply ticking “female” in registration forms and then going unnoticed.

However, a number of women have come forward to complain about safety fears from uneven matchups — not all at NAGA events — that left some so scared, they pulled out of major tournaments to avoid similar encounters.


One of them even managed to defeat the biological opponent.

She wasn’t even informed that she will fight a male opponent.

Ansleigh Wilk, said she was not told she would be fighting a transgender woman at a July 8 competition and was left in “panic mode.”

“They felt so strong, I was like, ‘Oh my God’ … I thought I couldn’t take them down,” she said of the match that she eventually won.

“This was always about the other girls traumatized by this event and the future of female grappling,” she said. “I can’t believe people think this is OK.”

Video below:

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