Video: White BLM Rioter Is Offering Sexual Services To Cops Who Will Take Their Badge Off

For days, protesters gathered outside the heavily guarded South Los Angeles sheriff’s station in tense but largely peaceful demonstrations to decry the deputies who shot and killed Dijon Kizzee last week in the nearby neighborhood of Westmont.

But over the Labor Day weekend, those demonstrations escalated to clashes, with deputies firing projectiles and tear gas at the crowds and arresting 35 people over four nights of unrest.

The Sheriff’s Department said protesters initiated the confrontations by throwing rocks and bottles at deputies. But activists said in interviews that the displays of force were unprovoked.

There were plenty of weird situations during the riots and one of them was captured on a video.

White BLM protesters offered sexual services to cops who would take their badge off.


Video below ( warning language) :

Lt. Glenn Emery said protesters threw frozen water bottles, pieces of concrete and pipes at deputies, and 17 people were arrested on suspicion of failing to disperse. He said some were carrying makeshift shields and wore gas masks, body armor and helmets — a lot of which was taken into evidence.

“Once it gets dark, they start getting little more aggressive,” Emery said of the protesters.

The rioters deployed new tactics including black umbrellas.
Video below:

A Sheriff’s Department spokesperson said some in the group started throwing rocks and bottles at deputies, and they responded with sting balls and pepper balls. Deputies declared an unlawful assembly at 8 p.m.

Plenty of racism was used for the police.

BLM rioters called a white police office stupid white b**ch.

Video below:

This is getting embarrassing watching these clips, it’s like a bad comedy sketch, do people even listen to what they spout out.

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