Video: A Woman Drive-By Trump Supporters, Screams And Shows Them A F**k You Sign – Receives Instant Karma

Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) is a pejorative term for criticism or negative reactions to United States President Donald Trump that are perceived to be irrational, and have little regard towards Trump’s actual policy positions, or actions undertaken by his administration.The term has mainly been used by Trump supporters to discredit criticism of his actions, as a way of reframing the discussion by suggesting that his opponents are incapable of accurately perceiving the world. Journalists have used the term to call for restraint when judging Trump’s statements and actions.

To the anti-Trump crowd, of course, TDS is a disparaging term. “I don’t think there’s a mental code or mental diagnosis for Trump Derangement Syndrome,” says Imanlihen.

The truth of course seems to be in the eye of the beholder. In plain terms, Trump’s critics see the president as sick in the head. Trump supporters say he’s making his far-left critics ill in the noggin.

Research on the topic of mental health, stress, and Trump has been fairly conclusive. The American Psychological Association conducted its “Stress in America” survey after Trump’s election in 2017 and found that 63% of Americans regarded the future of the country as “a significant source of stress.” In 2018, that same survey showed even more citizens ( 69%) stressed out.

Such stress about the future of the country, of course, is largely predicted by political ideology. The American Psychological Association survey shows just 26% of Republicans feel stressed over the political climate, compared to a whopping 72% of Democrats.


Psychiatrists have seen more Americans coming into therapy complaining about angst over President Trump. Typically, such patients feel a large sense of worry, helplessness, and overall anxiety.

The left might now want to admit but TDS is real and one video that we got exclusively shows a young liberal woman who screams and shows the F sign to Trump supporters. She received instant karma.

Video below:

I do hope that the person who took this clip provided a copy to the police. They could use a good chuckle back at the precinct.

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