Video: Woman Gets Beaten Up By Antifa Thugs For Trying To Defend Her Business From Being Destroyed

The NYPD confirmed at least 345 arrests were made Saturday and 33 cops injured. That brings total arrests to more than 600 since protests erupted Thursday night.
All kinds of videos are now trending, especially videos where Antifa rioters are attacking and destroying small businesses.

Rioters were caught on camera beating a woman outside of a business in Rochester, New York, as protests following George Flynn’s death rage across the country.

In a video shared Saturday, a woman can be seen begging protesters to stop smashing the front of the Rochester Fire Equipment Company as they were reportedly trying to loot the next-door jewelry shop. Several of the people nearby turned to her and began hitting and kicking her.

The woman’s husband, who rushed to her defense, can also be seen in the footage, pleading with the rioters to “get away from my wife” before he was also attacked.
Video below:

According to the Gateway Pundit, the group is part of Antifa.
De Blasio said Sunday morning accused members of the anarchist movement of coming from outside of the city and state to intentionally incite violence and said the “we have evidence.” He said, “they plan together online, they have very explicit rules, and we’re going to make all this information available today and in the days ahead.”


NYPD Commissioner Shea told NBC News Saturday he estimated at least 20 percent of the protesters arrested Friday night were from out of town, but suggested that number could be higher. No additional specifics were shared as of Sunday morning.

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