Video: Young Immigrant Trash Every Single Thing About America, Then Scream, “F**ck The Silent Majority”


President Trump promised that legal immigrants are welcomed into our great country but illegals will be removed and deported!

He is trying desperately to hold on his promises but the Dems and the RINOs are not making his life easier!

Our country uses to get immigrants that love the USA and love our way of living.

Lately, we get more immigrants that hate the place where they came from as much as the place where they are going!


Not every single person that comes here hates America, I am telling you that a growing number of people do.
We can thank former President Obama and “the Squad” for the violent behavior of the immigrants in our country!

A video surfaced on the social networks where three young immigrants trash America and even scream “F**ck the Silent Majority”
Video below:

Let’s clarify Ethiopian Americans are hard-working and grateful to this country Assimilate to the culture very well, but this dangerous group of people /the Muslim Oromo / are currently burning churches killing Christians in the most gruesome way in Ethiopia they are the Alshabab of Ethiop.

They come here to escape poverty, violence, and oppression and get a job and put food in their mouths and a roof over their head and take advantage of what the U S. offers them, not because they love this country or can even grasp what it stands for.

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Alex Hall

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