Videos: Antifa-BLM Violently Attack Reporter During Anti-Eviction March – No MSM Coverage

Today BLM-Antifa members are protesting police involvement in evictions, according to local media. “Multiple women who say they’ve been illegally evicted by their landlords with Detroit police offers will give speeches,” one outlet reported.

“Representatives with the Detroit Police Department said their policy is for officers to not assist landlords in evictions. However, activists are saying that has happened repeatedly over the years.”

Marchers chanted, “Black homes are under attack, tell me what do we do, rise up fight back!”

But what was no reported today is that the “idea” called Antifa and the “peaceful” protesters called BLM violently attack an independent journalist.

The independent journalist Brandon Gutenschwager, who regularly films Antifa protests around the country, was attacked at least twice while filming


“Just got assaulted attempting to cover an anti-eviction march in Detroit this afternoon. A member of the protest ‘security’ ran up, grabbed my camera, and forced me against a building, Reporter Brendan Gutenschwager said on Twitter.

He added: “A man rammed me against a concrete fence and barricade, bloodying my mouth and elbow as well as putting me in a chokehold while stealing my camera. That was then thrown over a fence, which I eventually was able to retrieve and continue recording.

Videos below:

“You’re not f*cking welcome here!” Antifa screamed at him.

VIDEO (language warning):

I still don’t understand how the government is not breaking up these violent groups. Can someone explain to me?

Alex Hall

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