Videos: Antifa Mobilized On The Streets In Tacoma Following An Incident Where A Police Officer Run Over People Who Were Mobbing His Car

A Tacoma police cruiser ran over a person Saturday night after responding to a reported street racing incident in the South 900 Block of Pacific Avenue.

Tacoma police spokeswoman, Officer Wendy Haddow, said the agency started receiving calls at 6:19 p.m. that a car was driving erratically and there were reports of street racing in the area.

The patrol car, surrounded by groups of shouting people, revs its engine and suddenly surges forward, striking the group and running over at least one individual before driving on.

The police officer was responding to calls of illegal street racing with obligatory doughnut burnouts in intersections. The incident was captured on multiple cell phone cameras. You can see the SUV in the street with 20-30 people surrounding it. At one point the officer evidently becomes concerned with his own safety and hits the gas, plowing through about a dozen or so people to escape. One person is all the way under the car and you can clearly see the back tires run over him.

Videos below:


One streamer is exclaiming that people were getting into the cop car:

Another angle of the accident:

While the police officer did this to save his own life this is officially considered a use of deadly force, the Pierce County Investigation Team is taking lead on the incident.

The Puyallup Police Department is the one doing the investigation. Captain Dan Pashon provided updates late into the evening on the investigation.

As always this encouraged Antifa to mobilize and raise their flag on the streets as Andy Ngo reported:

Will Antifa try and create more chaos on the street ins the coming days?

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