Videos: BLM Terrorists Block Black Minneapolis Council Member’s Car For Two Hours Until He Agrees To Drop Charges Against Rioters – No MSM Coverage

A group of Minneapolis activists blocked Minneapolis Council Member Andrea Jenkins’ car from leaving a parking lot Sunday night until she agreed to six of their demands, on video and in writing — including a call for Mayor Jacob Frey’s resignation.

A series of videos captured part of the incident at Loring Park, where a Taking Back Pride march ended Sunday; marchers called for an end to police at Pride festivals, protection of Black trans people, and community control over the police.

Jenkins, a biological male who is the nation’s first black, openly transgender person elected to public office, was sitting in the car’s passenger seat when the enraged mob accosted her.

After the Taking Back Pride march ended on Sunday, marchers called for an end to police at Pride festivals, for the protection of black transgender residents, and for the local community to have control over police.

Hooker then read — through a bullhorn — a half-dozen demands, some of which Jenkins has no control over, such as dropping charges against protesters and releasing more information on Winston Smith’s police shooting death.

One of them was a call for the mayor’s immediate resignation, which prompted Jenkins to laugh and say, “I’m really laughin’ ’cause this is ridiculous.”

After being pressed by Hooker and the crowd, eventually, Jenkins said, unconvincingly, “Jacob Frey resign.”

But Jenkins seemed most angered by a demand that she “leave George Floyd Square alone,” saying angrily, “Bring me some Chipotle cause’ I’m sittin’ here all f***in’ night.”

“Don’t do my job — is that what you’ve asked me to do?” she told the activists. “I was elected to represent the neighborhood.”

They literally hold him hostage for two hours and nobody did anything about it!

Videos below:

Jenkins lives near the intersection where Floyd was killed by police outside Cup Foods and has pushed to reopen the square, saying people and business owners who live there want it open. A group called Meet on the Street has controlled the four-block autonomous zone since Floyd’s death, when barricades were erected around the site. They have been in negotiations with the city over some two dozen demands, including a $159 million investment into the neighborhood over a decade.

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