Videos: Minneapolis Moved To Remove “George Floyd Square” This Morning – Antifa Reclaimed The Square Few Moments Later

Minneapolis city workers on Thursday started partially clearing the George Floyd memorial — after complaints, it had become a lawless “autonomous zone” with at least one murder, attacks by vandals, and a shooting just last week.

Dozens of clean-up crew members descended on the now-notorious area known as George Floyd Square from 4:30 a.m., city spokeswoman Sarah McKenzie confirmed.

Videos showed Bobcat equipment lifting away concrete barriers that had sealed off the area from traffic for almost a year since Floyd’s murder on May 25 last year.

Video below:

Photos below:


The makeshift garden around it is part of what was being removed Thursday to finally open up the area that was previously a major through-point for buses and traffic, the local paper noted.

However, it seems that Antifa didn’t need more than just a few moments to reclaim the square.

Video below:


The activists that moved to reclaim the square were mostly white folks and part of Antfa!

The unsuccessful clear-up was largely coordinated by Agape, a peacekeeping force that includes ex-gang members that are on contract with the city to keep watch over the area, McKenzie told the outlet.

Police were not involved, with Agape “managing conflict and de-escalating when necessary,” a police spokesman told the paper.

Kathy Sullivan

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