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Videos: Mum Gets LOCKED UP In HOSPITAL For Refusing COVID TEST – Crowd Comes and Gets Mom Released

A hospital in the Salmon Creek neighborhood of Clark County went into lockdown on Friday night after a group of “exceptionally unreasonable” people demanded the release of a patient, authorities said.

From the video below we can see a different reality, a daughter was trying to get her mother out of their care. Police aggressively pushed the daughter back after she tried to enter, and maced a man point-blank in his face.


Deputies with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office were called to Legacy Salmon Creek at about 6:30 p.m. after a group of 30 to 40 people gathered outside the hospital. Deputies said the group was there to support a person who had a family member being treated at the hospital and they wanted that person released.

The sheriff’s office said the group consisted of “exceptionally unreasonable” people who were “anti-vaxxer, anti-science types” who live-streamed the incident on social media.


A spokesperson at Legacy Salmon Creek said that around 8:30 p.m. that the hospital was in a so-called “silver lockdown” and no one was being allowed in but people inside were permitted to leave.

The police used a heavy hand on them, even pepper-spraying a member of the group — leading to this group that was most certainly right-wing to refer to them as “blue ISIS.” Despite the (rather impressive) video of the man being pepper-sprayed in the mouth by law enforcement (and defiantly spitting it out), local media falsely claimed that it was the protesters who had fired off the pepper spray.

Video below:

They released the mother from the hospital at the end of the last stream.

Video below:

Still don’t quite understand why the whole police force showed up for this, or why it took a crowd gathering outside for the hospital to act.
It should never happen again…

Alex Hall

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