Videos: The MSM Reports About NYPD Smashing The Windows Of A Vehicle With A Driver Inside – Fails To Mention That The Car Was Strategizing With The Rioters Throughout The Night

Dozens of marching protesters were arrested in Brooklyn on Tuesday night after clashing with NYPD cops and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake in response to the Philadelphia police shooting death of an armed black man.

About 200 protesters met in Fort Greene Park before snaking their way through the streets, vandalizing police vehicles, torching an American flag and igniting at least one rubbish fire during their travels.

Near Willoughby and Jay streets, several protesters chucked rocks and bottles at police officers, sources said. Others in the group wielded pieces of wood.

Nearby, a man in the crowd stole a pumpkin off the steps of a brownstone and hurled it at a car windshield.

Other protesters were spotted tagging random buildings in the group’s path.


But what we heard on the mainstream media channels was that NYPD smashed the windows of a vehicle with a driver inside.

The video was everywhere this morning.

Video below:

What the mainstream media failed to mention is the fact that this is the same car that was strategizing with protesters throughout the night. Here they are tailing protesters as they smash an NYPD van:

The reality is that the police tried to stop the car during the protest in NYC, they broke the windows and the car drove through the line of bike cops.

What do you think, did the police over-reacted or did a fine job?

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Alex Hall

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