War Zone – Law Enforcement Got Serious About Ending The ANTIFA Riot Shortly After The Portland Police Association Building Was Burned ( Video)

The Portland Police Association building was set on fire as unrest in that city continued to escalate, according to Portland police and a video posted on social media.

The blaze came as Portland and Oregon leaders heightened their rhetoric against President Donald Trump for deploying federal agents to the streets of that city. The Oregon Department of Justice is suing federal agencies alleging they’re detaining people without probable cause.

Protesters gathered in both downtown Portland and on Portland’s east side near the North Precinct building, Portland Police said on Saturday.

At around 10 p.m., police said people gathered about the building and interfered with operations of the police facility.

By 11 p.m. Portland Police declared a riot, reporting that people had broken into the Portland Police Association office, lighting it on fire. It was put out shortly thereafter.


Videos from the incident:

The Police responded swiftly:

They took charge at the Antifa rioters and it looked like that this could be the end of the Antifa riots.

Videos below:

They are going to destroy their city. Businesses will flee the cities and with them the tax base. The power of the cities diminish.

I can’t even say what needs to happen, but the treacherous teachers who teach at our universities. They and their support systems need dismantling

Alex Hall

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