WATCH! Vile Joy Behar Calls Vice President Pence’s CHRISTIAN FAITH a ‘Mental Illness’

I have no idea why some people are so hateful and mean. I feel bad for anyone who mocks God. We always reap what we sow, both good and bad…

On Tuesday, the View co-host Joy Behar viciously attacked Vice President Mike Pence for his devotion to Christianity with ignorant and snide remarks, saying his faith is a “mental illness.” Behar mocked Pence’s steadfast belief in the power of prayer.

Behar’s intolerant rant began after ‘The View’ played a clip of former White House adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman discussing the Vice President’s faith, where she baselessly claimed on reality television that “Jesus tells him to say things.”

c\Co-host Sunny Hostin said: “He’s not very popular at all. I think when you have a Mike Pence who now sort of puts this religious veneer on things and calls people ‘values voters,’ I think we’re in a dangerous situation.”

“It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you,” added Behar. “That’s called mental illness if I’m not correct, he’s hearing voices.”

Joy is a mean-spirited and nasty woman. If you do not believe in the same things she does, you are beneath contempt. Shows no respect to those who have a different point of view especially on matters of faith and religion.

Joy is not only a disgrace to her heritage, but to the Christian community as well. She is one of the most hateful of people and it shows in her face. She keeps insulting Trump, Pence, and the Republicans… now she adds people who believe in religion, and sooner or later there won’t be anyone left watching her so-called show.

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Natalie D.

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