We Got the Video of the Idaho Hate Hoax – Prepare to Be Shocked by What It Reveals!

The Coeur d’Alene Police Department is releasing more information related to the alleged racial harassment of the University of Utah women’s basketball team March 21.

This week, the department released a video of an interview an officer conducted with a University of Utah women’s basketball booster who called police to report that a group of racists revving truck engines and yelling slurs victimized players on the team.
He seems to insert some lies into that interview!

Here’s a rundown of that interview and the circumstances leading up it:

On Thursday, March 21, some 100 members of Utah athletics walked down Sherman Avenue from the Coeur d’Alene Resort to Crafted Tap House + Kitchen for dinner. They had a reservation for around 90 people at 5:30 p.m., according to the manager of the restaurant, Junior Mujtaba.

As they were walking, two lifted pickups passed by and began to yell racial slurs at the nonwhite players as the drivers revved their engines, a police report filed by team donor Robert Moyer stated.

Coeur d’Alene police officer Michael Jolley responded to the resort to speak with Moyer that night, body camera video shows.

Moyer used the words “hillbilly” and “white trash” to describe the people who directed the “N -word” at the team.

“There’s a history known here in some circles of crazy people in Hayden Lake and Sandpoint,” Moyer told Jolley.

“Yeah, Aryan Nations,” Jolley replied.

Moyer said the group’s actions and hateful language, which he described as “aggressive,” forced the team to walk faster to the restaurant.

Moyer told Jolley no one was able to get a plate number from the trucks.

“Some of us didn’t realize what had happened until we got to the restaurant and people are just like … One was in tears,” he said.

He added a “souped -up car” showed up with four extra people “crammed inside.”

The team stayed for about two hours, Mujtaba said, and left around 7:15 or 7:30 p.m. While walking back, Moyer said more people came back lying in wait for the players and shouted more slurs.

Moyer told Jolley the group had to have been waiting for the team to leave the restaurant because they were in trucks speeding up and slowing down, hurling “F bombs” and “N bombs” at the team.

”It scared them a lot,” Moyer said.

Jolley called the group’s actions “malicious harassment.”

“It’s uncalled for,” Jolley said. “There’s no reason for that.”

Moyer said the team planned to be there for several more days.

“They’re scared,” he said of the team. “And I’m not being dramatic.”

Moyer said the group scurried back to the hotel, and Moyer tried flagging down a police officer.

Two hours later, Moyer called police.

Everything above is one huge lie!

Idaho Tribune posted that they got the video of the Idaho Hate Hoax.

Guess what?



The timestamp on the video that they obtained from Clark’s Jewelers was 7:15.
Video below:

Now listen to what Robert Moyer told police:

Now, the City of Coeur d’Alene is going after an 18 year old kid for acting like an idiot, doxxing him in the press and harassing his school.

Here’s the full bodycam footage of the initial report, where Robert Moyer called Idahoans “White Trash” “Hillbilly” Rednecks” and lied to police:

There’s racism but that came from the Robert Moyer!

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