Welcome To Biden’s America – Viral Video Shows Man And Woman Fight, Spit At Each Other At A Gas Station Amid Panic-Buying

Frustrations were high on Tuesday as people rushed to gas stations to top off their tanks amid fears of a fuel shortage caused by the shutdown of a major pipeline.

One man caught an intense altercation on camera at a Marathon gas station in Knightdale.

Police charged Alexus Orianna Harris, 25, with simple assault and Matthew James-stark Artero, 47, with simple assault and damage to property.

A man who wanted to be identified only as Rashaad said he was in line for gas when he saw a fight break out between a man and woman at one of the pumps.

He said he was waiting to get gas at the Marathon station around 2 p.m. when a woman in a white sedan tried to join the long line.


Rashaad said the woman ran her car into a gray Honda at one of the pumps.

The man and woman argued over spots in the line and each spat in the other’s face before the fight turned physical and a cellphone was damaged, police said.

The video shows two cars bumped up against each other at a gas station. The video shows a woman apparently spit at a man in a car and he gets out to apparently spit on her. The woman in the video hits the man and they struggle for a few seconds before separating.
Video below:

Two people are charged with assault after a fight in a line at a North Carolina gas station as a fuel pipeline shutdown sparks panic-buying, authorities said.

Knightdale police officers were called to a Marathon gas station in the town on Tuesday afternoon for a report of a crash and a disturbance related to two people fighting over spots in the line, according to a statement from the town.

The woman was charged with simple assault and the man was charged with assault on a female and damage to personal property, police said. Both were cited and released with a pending court date.

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