WH Confirms: Nearly 3 Million U.S. Jobs Added Since Donald Trump Elected President

President Trump is and will go down in history as a great U.S. president. Obama was a disgrace to the U.S. office. I am saying this because

the mainstream media is trying so hard to glorify our former President and put a shame to President Trump!

I can’t understand why they make constant attacks on President Trump when in fact all he does is bringing our Country to its former glory!

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders opened Friday’s press conference by contrasting massive manufacturing jobs losses under Obama to the nearly three million U.S. jobs added since Donald Trump was elected President.
Sanders pointed to Obama-era manufacturing job losses of 1,000 each month but said that since President Donald Trump was elected the U.S. had added 275,000 manufacturing jobs.

February jobs numbers released earlier in the day revealed a much higher than anticipated job creation total of 313,000. Before the numbers came out, estimates sat at around 200,000 for non-farm job increases.

She then credited Trump-era tax cuts and deregulation for acting as a driver to the nearly three million new jobs added.

“The federal government is getting out of the way and the American people are innovating, building, and creating jobs,” said Sanders.

Industries leading in jobs increases were construction, retail and business services, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and mining. Jobs total reports for December and January were also revised upward.

If we add the fact that Trump’s six-month record is far better than Obama’s first six months when 3.4 million jobs were lost and President Trump added 1,074,000 jobs during his first six full months in office.

Then we can all say again this is just another example of more winning!

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Alex Hall

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