With No Police Around To Attack, Antifa Fought Each Other Last Night (Video)


Police broke up a group of several hundred protesters in downtown Portland overnight Thursday and into Friday morning. Crowd control munitions were used after protesters shot fireworks towards police, broke windows and set what appeared to be a small fire inside the federal courthouse, police said.

On Friday afternoon, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler called for an end to the protests that have turned violent.

“Lives are at stake,” Wheeler said. “I am calling for a full and thorough review of all use of force tactics and meaningful public transparency.”

Most mainstream media reported this but no one reported the fact that when Antifa had no police around them decided to fight each other.


Investigative journalist Andy Ngo was once again on the ground covering the issues that we can’t see on the mainstream media.

He did capture a moment that could be defined as the end of Antifa as local Antifa members fought each other.

Video below:

This is generally the best way of dealing with these people. They will turn on each other when you deprive them of a common enemy. Just stand back and let them wipe each other out.

What happens when you put snakes in a bag and tie it? They bite each other’s heads off. True story.

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Alex Hall

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