You Can Watch The Perfect Example Of “Equity” In This Spelling Bee Contest – This Feels Like A Monty Python Skit

You have to watch this spelling bee contest during the halftime show between Atlanta Hawks and the Memphis Grizzlies:

His face when she said X-ray:

Was this a joke? NO!

Do they not realize that the rest of the world watching will see this as a blatant insult to women and POC?

I hope there is context here that we don’t see.


Some people on X are assuming that he was treated this way because he was with the away fans!

The people that gave her the easier words must assume because she is black she wouldn’t be able to spell the harder words.

Which is obviously the bigotry of low expectations.

I personally wouldn’t have been surprised if she would have been able to spell the more difficult words since presumably they are both in med school and undoubtedly have been bombarded with medical terms for months or years.

Yet, I would be considered the racist for thinking the contest should be fair. The left and their flawed actually racist practice on full display.

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