Another Disabled Man Was Pulled From His Wheelchair And Was Brutally Beaten By Rioters (Video)

A march through the streets of Portland in protest of the death of George Floyd, a black man who died while in Minneapolis police custody, turned into a fiery, violent downtown riot, with damage and looters at several locations.

The Multnomah County Justice Center in downtown Portland was set on fire. That fire was put out. At least one other fire was started in the area of Southwest 4th Avenue and Main Street. There were scenes of Dumpster fires, vandalism, and widespread looting at Pioneer Place Mall.

All in all, they destroyed everything that came in their way.
A disabled man disagreed with the rioters and had a long conversation with them before he was violently pulled from his wheelchair and beaten by thugs in Portland over the weekend.

The man can be seen in another video criticizing the rioters, shouting “What’s wrong with you? I didn’t kill anyone!…I had to wake up to fire in the streets, to people smashing windows, to being just a bunch of assholes, how is this gonna help anything? Look at that, she spit on me, all because I had the balls to tell her I didn’t want people lighting fires in the street.”

Shortly afterward, a group of angry protestors confronted the man, with one person telling him to “Shut the fuck up and promote, or shut the fuck up” while another one tried to dismiss wheelchair guy talking about his sister being raped.


WATCH (from the 11:42 mark):

Shortly after, things took an even darker turn. The man was dumped out of his wheelchair and violently assaulted by the rioters.

Just as he starts to raise his arm toward the window, another protestor comes along and drags his wheelchair away, causing the disabled man to fall over just as another protestor begins throwing punches at him.

Video below:

A peaceful protest is one thing but situations like this are a totally different thing. We’ve seen peaceful protests all the time. But if someone is involved in a protest that turns violent, it’s time to exit the scene or put an end to the law-breaking. If a person sticks around and joins the mob once the violence starts, they can no longer claim they are innocent just because they are standing between two brick throwers and just exercising their right of free speech.

Alex Hall

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