Boris Johnson, To Investigate George Soros For His Anti-Brexit Activity

It takes real guts to take Soros down, Democrats were paid by him, Trump does not need the money he loves his country and fighting to make America great again, against all turncoats including George Soros himself!

We need campaign reform where citizens are limited in their donations to keep outside interests like George Soros from buying an election.

He is trying to influence everywhere and Britain is another place where he tried to stop the ongoing Brexit.

An urgent investigation has been called by the Conservative Party early last month into liberal billionaire philanthropist, George Soros, after it was revealed that he had funneled around $4M into anti-Brexit causes in the UK.

The Conservative Party lead by PM Johnson have called for an urgent Electoral Commission probe into George Soros’s American Open Society Foundation after putting money towards a campaign to block Brexit at the ballot box, according to The Daily Mail.


The Open Society Foundation remitted funds to the pro-EU ‘Best for Britain’ group, routed via a London third party, in order to circumvent a ban on foreign donations to political organizations in the UK with the goal to effect political change.

Best for Britain (BfB) had designed a website with the intention to thwart the Prime Minister’s chances of a majority in last week’s General Election.

In the past two years, BfB has received around $4M from The Open Society Foundation which was confirmed in the accounts of the anti-Brexit organization.

BfB also shared a Westminster office building with other notorious anti-Brexit organizations including Open Britain and the European Movement.

All of the above organizations have played a public role in attempting to derail Brexit.

According to The Daily Mail, Bfb said:

“Our financial statements are appropriately filed and make clear we have received money from the Open Society Foundation.

“During regulated periods such as elections, we use permissible UK donations for regulated campaign activity to comply with Electoral Commission rules.

“No money from foreign donations is used to fund this. We look forward to the Electoral Commission confirming this is the case.

“Given the damage a Johnson government and a hard Brexit would inflict on the country, we have received a large number of donations from all over Britain.”

In spite of the attempts to subvert the democratic process, (Britains’s Trump)Johnson managed to secure a majority government in the General Election.

We also need to react, we should bring George Soros to justice.

I say freeze his assets. Keep him from accessing his money. It is a web of hidden money but I believe it can be done. Then begin the process to strip him of his citizenship. That is a very difficult and drawn-out process. If it can be done he should be deported to Hungary where he will probably face justice.

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Alex Hall

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