Crazed Karen Threatens People Inside Walmart With A Knife And Brick – It Doesn’t Work Out Well For Her (Video)

A woman armed with a knife was arrested after allegedly threatening a manager at the Walmart in Summerfield.

Brandy Joe McGowan, 32, of Webster, was holding a knife in her right hand as she stood near a clothing rack when a Marion County sheriff’s deputy arrived on the scene. The deputy ordered McGowan to drop the knife, but she ignored his command. The deputy unholstered his non-lethal electronic stun weapon and fired it at McGowan, striking her in the arm and thigh. After she was hit, McGowan leaned back into a clothing rack and fell to the floor.

A store manager told the deputy McGowan initially had threatened customers with a brick. McGowan used a pair of scissors to open a package containing a pocketknife and pointed the knife at the manager. She “advanced toward him and advised him he had better stay back,” the arrest report said.

Now the video was released and sure looks like a comedy movie:

It was later determined that the woman entered the store holding the brick and began threatening customers, WWSB reported.

She later located a pocket knife on display, opened the package with a pair of scissors from the store and continued to threaten employees and customers.


After McGowan was arrested, it was discovered she had ingested about four grams of methamphetamine earlier in the day, according to the outlet.

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