Democratic Senator Says RUSSIAN MEDDLING a ‘9/11 MOMENT’ (Video)

Russia, Russia, Russia all we hear these days is a Russia’s meddling in 2016 election and how President Trump was soft toward Vladimir Putin!
At least o the mainstream media.

Via Sean Hannity:

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal took his war against the Trump administration to the next level Wednesday, saying Russian election interference is on the same level as the September 11th terror attacks on New York City and Washington, DC.

Blumenthal was speaking with CNN earlier Wednesday when he was asked to comment on the President’s historic Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin, saying the US was experiencing a “9/11 national emergency.”

“The red light is flashing as the Director of National Security Dan Coats put it, much as it was before 9/11, we are in a 9/11 national emergency because our country is under attack. Literally, that attack is ongoing and pervasive,” said the Senator.

“This 9/11 moment demands that we come together, issue a subpoena for the translator, but also for the national security team that debriefed the President about these supposed agreements,” he added.

Watch Blumenthal’s comments below:

Blumenthal?? We can understand his confusion.
Didn’t he think he was actually a Vietnam Combat Veteran? Then he realized that he never left the Continental United States.

The liberals are suffering total meltdown!

Do you agree?

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One thought on “Democratic Senator Says RUSSIAN MEDDLING a ‘9/11 MOMENT’ (Video)

  • July 18, 2018 at 9:34 pm

    These left wing/liberals are so totally over the top it’s criminal! Still stuck on Russia? Try China interference. Russia has run the course of suspicion. It’s over/exonerated! When you tire of China, let’s then focus of the DNC and the Server. So tired of playing these “The World Is Ending” games with Dems. We, The People are awake. Man-up to that fact and try some honesty for a change. We know the truth, have the evidence, just waiting for you folks to stop whining long enough for our President to lay it out for you to see. In other words, “read ’em and weep”.


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