Democrats Call First Daughter Ivanka Trump a Hypocrite And Faux-Feminist

You all have to admit that President Trump raised his kids well. Take a look at our First daughter Ivanka Trump… She is such an intelligent, caring, hardworking, BEAUTIFUL woman.

Ivanka always portrays herself with dignity, pride, care, and grace. She is never rude, or anyway, obnoxious or pretentious. I think she presents herself to the world as an excellent example of proper accomplishment in the USA.

The first daughter has come under attack from the Democrats following her push for Trump’s policy agenda. The main critic came from the DNC, which on Thursday released a statement calling the president’s daughter a “hypocrite” and “faux-feminist”.

According to the Democratic National Committee:

“The first daughter and special adviser to the president loves to portray herself as a champion for working women, but one look inside the overseas factories where she chooses to manufacture her products proves that she is anything but. The women manufacturing ‘Ivanka Trump’ clothes and shoes are paid so little that many of them are forced to live without their own children.


“The American people will not be fooled by the Trumps’ political publicity stunts calling for the creation of more American jobs, and they won’t fall for Ivanka’s faux feminism. The reality of how this family runs its own businesses is clear: choosing not to buy American, hire American, or make meaningful investments in American workers.”

The Democrats just can’t get enough they first attacked her look and outfit but now they go for her job!

So what is next from the liberal propaganda?

Trump family are true Americans and love their country. Ivanka, a lovely woman! Class radiates from her! Educated beyond comprehension! Her outfit charming! She is an honor to her Father!

You can help her by sharing this article and show to the whiny liberal media that we have a classy First Daughter!

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Alex Hall

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