DHS Announces Plan to Confiscate Children If Foster Parents Test Positive for Coronavirus And Deemed Unable To Provide For Them

Trump turned over nothing. Without a declaration of martial law, Trump has no authority to tell the governors how to run their states. It’s called Federalism…the way the country was set up. This, however, does not give the governors a license to ignore the Constitution. Their abuses will have to be taken to court.

On April 22nd Oregon initiated a plan to remove children from foster homes if one of the parents comes down with coronavirus.

The state of Oregon will remove the children and place them with “substitute` care” if the parents are deemed unable to support them.

This law was actually published online on the Oregon Department of Human Services website.


Oregon got this idea from WHO executive Michael Ryan.


At the behest of the World Health Organization (WHO) executive director Michael Ryan, Oregon is slated to remove children from homes and place them in “substitute care” if parents are deemed “unable to support them.”

Ryan, who was criticized for stating that governments need to go door-to-door looking for people infected with coronavirus and if found, “Now we need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick, and remove them and isolate them.”

When Trump turned the decision-making as to when to reopen states over to the individual governors, he did exactly the right thing. Because of that, we’re now seeing the Democrat tyrants fully exposed. This crazed governor in Oregon is destroying herself politically.

But unfortunately, this could have a huge impact on our future!

The problems are going to become intense when someone decides to not wait for a court date. These governors are setting up a confrontation between law enforcement, including state guards, and armed citizens. Law enforcement and the guards are the good guys. So are the armed citizens. It will be a neighbor confronting neighbor and the only winners will be the slime we call democrats.

Natalie D.

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