Rahm Emanuel Should Resign After Another Bloody Weekend In Chicago – 34 people shot, 5 killed

As long as the people of Chicago and the State of Illinois continue to return career politicians to the office the slaughter will continue.

It pains me to say this, but it is the government of, by and for the people. Hence, the citizens of Chicago and Illinois ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MESS!

Chicago Police Department confirms 34 people were shot over a 24-hour period beginning on Saturday. At least five of those victims have died, and the others were hospitalized with injuries.

Via USA Today:

Chief of Patrol Fred Waller, addressing the violence in a news conference Sunday, said the shootings reflect “the devastating effects that illegal guns have in our communities.”

Waller said the city has taken more than 5,500 guns off the streets this year. He said shootings are down from this time last year.

“By no means do these statistics mean we have a victory,” Waller said. “But I promise you we won’t be defeated … by a small element committing these reckless acts.”

Waller said the summer heat brings crowds out to the streets, particularly when violence has taken place. He said officers often find themselves engulfed in bystanders within seconds of a shooting.

“We can never measure what we prevent,” he said. “And it’s not just about being hot. Sometimes it’s about the culture, about feeling like there are no repercussions.”

During one period of fewer than three hours, 25 people were shot during five multiple-injury attacks. The violence was so severe the emergency department at Mount Sinai stopped accepting cases “just because of the sheer amount of shootings.”

The city with the strictest gun laws in the USA. You gun advocates see anything wrong with this?

The liberals will never understand. It’s not the object, it’s the person that uses the object… gun, knife vehicle….etc. Guns are not the problem it is the people.

How sad and sickening. It appears Chicago is overrun with thugs and individuals who have no respect that. I do not know how honest, law-abiding individuals can continue to live there safely.

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