Hollywood Actress Barbra Streisand: Women Who Support Trump ‘Vote the Way Their Husbands Vote’

Every time ‘Babs’ opens her mouth Trump gets more followers.

Today she gave another “diamond”.

“I love my country and it’s painful to see democracy being assaulted, institutions being assaulted and women being assaulted,” Barbra Streisand told Daily Mail.

The “No More Tears” singer also decried “a war between people who want to live in the future and look forward to the future, and people who want to live in the past.”

“Imagine, women who for 40-something years have had the right to choose now perhaps won’t,” the Oscar-winner also said, referencing the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.


Streisand also referred to the fact that many women who voted for Donald Trump as a “terribly complex thing,” and said that “a lot of women vote the way their husbands vote; they don’t believe enough in their own thoughts.”

“Perhaps she made women feel unsuccessful,” she also said about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. “All of this was so devastating to me and I was heartbroken, so I wanted to write about it, sing about it and deliver an album. It was perfect timing, so I just did it.”

Streisand is so disingenuous because she is making the claim that women can’t think for themselves and taking women’s rights back a hundred years. Also, as a woman, she doesn’t speak for me and never will, none of them will.

Alex Hall

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