Hollywood Actress Slams Media Over Trump Attacks: ‘They Just Look So Angry And Awful’ (VIDEO)

On Saturday evening, Hollywood actress Kristy Swanson appeared on Fox News where she publicly expressed her opinion about the relationship between President Donald Trump and the establishment media.

“They need to stop, they’re aging themselves,” Swanson explained.

“Good news in the economy, is that what is driving the media kinda nuts?” host Greg Gutfeld asked, wondering whether media outlets just didn’t know what to say about the president.

“They want to put him down any chance they have,” Swanson responded. “I mean, they just want to destroy him, like the video we just saw. It is terrible. It is bad. And they need to stop. They are aging themselves … They just look so angry and awful. They need to lighten up.”

Gutfeld agreed, facetiously pointing out the fact that, at least in the case of CNN, “Anderson Cooper’s hair is totally white” and “Stelter … bald.”

Watch it from 09:10

Kristy Swanson- the ORIGINAL Buffy The Vampire Slayer is absolutely right as usual. The fake news media is the worst.

Finally, someone from Hollywood speaks with integrity! Despite being an excellent actress, Swanson is also a very brave woman because the liberal Hollywood will now turn on her. The left IS driven by emotion and attacks their perceived enemies with reckless abandon. They have absolutely no regard for facts and so only harm their own credibility by lashing out senselessly. I think that’s her point. The media is, in her mind, shooting itself in the foot.

And we’re already past the aging phase. We’ve moved well into the irrelevant and ignoring phase. Their conduct during the 2016 election and their reaction to the results completely destroyed any small amount of credibility they had left.

What do you think? Do you agree with Kristy Swanson?

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